Florida Keys Democrats Events

Message from the Chair:

Have I mentioned just how much I appreciate all the hard work you did last year? Your willingness to get the job done gave me the strength to get out of bed in the morning. Thank you so much! We do have big plans for the coming year and our efforts will pay off!

Before I list all the exciting things happening in February, there are just a few things I need you to do for the cause.

#1. Area leaders will be reaching out to Precinct Captains to make sure you will be staying on the job going into this next cycle. They have work for you. Please respond to their calls/emails as soon as you can.

#2. I have learned that Steve Friedman has submitted his name to be nominated for the SFWMD board. I think he would be a perfect fit! Our new Governor has been making some moves that tell me he is going to tackle the problems of pollutants fowling our waters. We need to let the Governor know that we appreciate that and that we want Steve to be considered for this position. Send emails, make calls, use your influence! This is not a partisan issue, it’s a Florida economic/quality of life issue. Clean water is Steve’s wheelhouse and he is well versed on the topic. Let’s see if we can get him this job! PERSIST!

Now, get out your calendar/laptop/smart phone, whatever you use to keep track of stuff and get ready to schedule your life!

Monday, Feb. 4 – Key West NOW is hosting an event at Henry & Eli’s Side Street Pub, 112 Fitzpatrick St, Key West. They will be signing postcards to send to Florida Legislators to encourage them to ratify the ERA. We want to be the state that finally gets us over the line. 5:30pm-7pm. Sounds like fun!

Thursday, Feb. 7 – Drinking Liberally meets in the back room at Shanna Key, corner of Flagler and Bertha, Key West, at 5:30pm-7pm. Regular folks talking about the issues, what a concept!

Friday and Saturday, Feb 8-9 - NOW is hosting another important event, a workshop featuring Michele C Johnson, a renowned anti-racism trainer. Please check out Key West NOW’s FB page for all the details as there are many facets to this timely event.

Monday, Feb. 11 – the Lower Keys/Keys West Dems will meet at the Blue Room, 1128 Simonton St. Key West. Social hour starts at 5:30pm and the meeting starts at 6:30pm.

Thursday Feb 14 – Drinking Liberally, Upper Keys Group meets at Denny’s in the back room, MM 96.5. 5pm to 7pm.

Saturday Feb 16 – Key West NOW is holding their Connie Gilbert Scholarship Fundraiser at the BottleCap, 1128 Simonton St. Key West. There will be a raffle and orchid auction, 1-4pm.

Monday Feb 18 – President’s Day. National Holiday

Thursday Feb 21 – the Middle Keys Dems meet at the Hyatt Hotel meeting rooms. Join is for social hour in the lobby Café at 5:30pm. The meeting will start at 6:30pm.

Monday Feb 25 – Upper Keys Dems meet in the back room @ Denny’s in the median MM 97.6. Social hour @ 5:30 with the meeting starting @ 6:30pm.

Tuesday, Feb. 26 – the Upper Keys Action Network will meet at a location to be announced. Check their FB page for more info.

If I have missed something, I apologize. Let me know and I will update.

We must not let up for a moment.

Democracy is NOT a spectator sport…(like the Super Bowl!)

Check out our website and FB page for valuable information and event updates!


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See you all soon!


Bert Sise/Chair


Thanks to everyone who helped support the Florida Keys Democrats in 2018!

Working to keep the Keys...the Keys. ​​128 miles of Blue ocean, Blue sky, and BLUE voters!