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                                                                        FLORIDA KEYS DEMOCRATS ENDORSE H.R. 676
                                                                        EXPANDED & IMPROVED MEDICARE FOR ALL ACT

The Florida Keys Democrats under the leadership of Chair, Bert Sise have decided to endorse H.R. 676, Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act. The Florida Keys Democrats’ mission statement is guided by the principles of social, environmental and economic justice; a belief that all Keys residents should feel secure in their Personal Safety, Financial Safety and have the peace of mind knowing they have affordable health insurance for themselves, their children and their parents.

The Florida Keys Democrats believe healthcare should be affordable, high quality and that it is part of the American promise. They are committed to the value that healthcare is a fundamental right. The Florida Keys Democrats support a universal healthcare system that grants the most access to the most people at the lowest price. They believe everyone should have the security that comes with good health care; and they should not have to declare bankruptcy because they get sick. They are proponents of Single payer healthcare or Medicare-for-all legislation that would make quality healthcare access a reality for all Americans and that is why they have chosen to endorse H.R. 676, Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act. This bill establishes the Medicare for All Program to provide all individuals residing in the United States and U.S. territories with free healthcare that includes all medically necessary care, such as primary care and prevention, dietary and nutritional therapies, prescription drugs, emergency care, long-term care, mental health services, dental services and vision care.

The Florida Keys Democrats would also like to recommend that constituents of District 26 call Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Bill Nelson and urge them to delay the Senate voting on the American Health Care Act (AHCA) until the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has scored the new bill. For more information please visit or contact the Chair, Bert Sise at (305) 747-4569 or   







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                                                                                “FLORIDA KEYS DEMOCRATS TO PROVIDE TRAINING FOR
                                                                                                              DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES”

 The Florida Keys Democrats under the leadership of Chair, Bert Sise, will be providing free training for Democrats who have decided to stand for offices in the Florida Keys. Training offered to all Democratic candidates will be in these 4 areas:

1)     The Election process - What forms need to be filed at what deadlines; what does it cost to run for the different offices; and how to develop and execute realistic budgets for the different election campaigns.
2)     Campaign Financing – This will be a review of applicable campaign financing laws, record keeping and filing requirements and a review of best practices for campaign financing.
3)     Campaigns and Social Media – a guide to social media. We will discuss the difference between your personal pages or accounts and your campaign pages; how to set up you campaign pages in Facebook, on the web, Twitter and Instagram.
4)     How to develop meaningful messaging – The Florida Keys Democrats will provide a seminar on the process to develop effective messaging that clearly distinguishes, you the candidate, from your completion, “Ghost” messaging, and “going negative”.

The training will be offered to those candidates who have Appointed a Campaign Treasurer and filled out Designation of Campaign Depository (Form DS-DE 9) and or filed a Statement of Candidate (Form DS-DE 84) with the Monroe County, Florida, Supervisor of Elections.

The Florida Democrats Chair, Bert Sise, said: “The Florida Keys Democrats want to support our declared candidates for all, open offices for 2018 elections.” If you are thinking of running for office or know of someone who is thinking about running please contact Bert at (305) 747-4569 or This training will get your candidacy started with lessons learned from past elections and provide you and your campaign staff with the basic knowledge you need to pursue a successful election for office. For more information please visit