Florida Keys Democrats Events


The Florida Keys Democrats recognize we live, work, and play in a unique place. There is no other geography like the Keys anywhere in America. In all ways, we support a Keys economy that allows our residents to succeed. Our unique environment is the key reason residents and visitors value the Florida Keys.

We also recognize the constraints in physical space and infrastructure in Monroe County to presently support tourism growth. In season, our road infrastructure is stressed by the number of tourists; there is not sufficient housing to accommodate the number of hospitality staff to serve the tourists; and our eco-systems are stressed to accommodate the number of visitors who want to experience the Keys.

To “Keep the Keys…the Keys”, We support policies that would reduce the rate of tourism growth; prioritize building permits for affordable workforce housing over new lodging and commercial development; and reduce the stress on our environmental resources due to tourism. We support sustaining the environmental resources that are the reason the Keys are …...the Keys, for residents and visitors alike.

We believe working Keys residents need to thrive, not just barely survive. We are proud to recognize, honor, and support Keys working people who are the bedrock of our economy.

We support proven economic science and theory that benefit our citizens throughout the economic spectrum. As such, the Party would like to call for an end to the use of failed economic models of the past such as supply-side economics, also known as trickle-down economics.

We endorse net neutrality that supports the economic opportunities made available by a fair level internet playing field.


We support an equal-access public educational system that produces students fully prepared for colleges and universities or trade schools anywhere in the country. The Florida Keys Democrats also support the reintroduction of civics into the basic curriculum. It is important for everyone to learn how our political institutions function, and how to engage as active, informed citizens in a democratic society.

We believe education is the great equalizer of opportunity across class lines.  We believe in creating and maintaining a robust public education system.  We will resist de-funding public schools to enrich private ones.

We support the availability of advanced Science, Engineering, Technology and Math (STEM) public education curricula for those interested students.  We believe in Science and scientific methods form the basis for critical thinking. Our children’s futures are dependent on education, and our Keys future economy depends on their success.


We believe everyone should have the security that comes with good healthcare, and they should not have to declare bankruptcy because they get sick. We are proponents of Single-payer or Medicare-for-all legislation that would make quality healthcare access a reality for all Americans. 


Our Keys economy is inextricably tied to the health of our environment. Water quality, sustainable fishing, and reef protection are all central components of our most valuable economic resource - the environment.

Because Florida is the Sunshine State, we support energy policies that replace dependence on fossil fuels with solar, wind or kinetic energy. We support reinstating State rebates to homeowners and commercial establishments for solar and / or wind powered system installations to reduce CO2 emissions.

Additionally, we are against fracking and offshore drilling anywhere in the state.


Florida Keys Democrats believe the political system and government should be open, transparent, and responsive to the people. We are committed to ethics reforms to limit the influence of special interests and lobbyists and to ensure that government at all levels is transparent and accountable to Keys residents.

We oppose gerrymandering of legislative districts which changes or dilutes the representation of communities.

We support equal pay for equal work.

Keys Democrats believe that women have the right to control their own reproductive choices, and we will fight to ensure that women have access to contraception and their right to choose will not be impeded. 
The Keys Democrats will fight any efforts to undo the progress made regarding same-sex marriage.

Additionally, we reaffirm traditional support for the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment of the US Constitution, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” We believe Church and State should remain separate for the benefit of both.
The Party supports legalization of marijuana which would create an alternate tax base, provide palliative care for our sickest residents and release non-violent drug offenders from jail.
We support ending the death penalty. We support fair sentencing across racial, gender and religious classes.
The Keys Democrats also endorse the Rights Restoration Campaign for non-violent felons.

We recognize lifetime disenfranchisement suffered by many of our fellow Floridians is wrong and disproportionately affects minority and poor citizens depriving them of the basic Right to Vote.
We also recognize the significant influence the Navy, Coast Guard and other Department of Defense operations bring to the Keys economy, and support policies that allow these agencies to complete their mission in a way that is environmentally sustainable and supports our community.


We support immigration policies that are fair to the US citizens and non-citizens who contribute to our unique economy. We support a fair and open path to citizenship for those who want to become US citizens.